15 pounds in 48 hours

//  When life doesn't go quite as expected  //

Well friends, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Summer is coming to an end and I have to admit, it's been pretty tough at times to appreciate the beautiful weather and the late nights of sun when there's so much else going on. I thought about blogging often (as always), but it feels a little odd to post about wish lists and ice cream when life is just so much more serious than that sometimes you know? It feels forced, and a bit fake, and I like to think I do a decent job at keeping it real... so when I'm not up for writing about the real stuff, I just don't write at all. But that's not to say that I don't miss it, so I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things slowly over the coming months. We shall see!

But in the spirit of keeping it real and speaking of the tough stuff... I've often felt this summer that I was being tested, which the hubs always reminds me is not the way life works. This morning, I'm blogging from the couches in his office while he has meetings and I recover from the latest "test" - 2.5 days in the hospital that was 110% unexpected. 

Last Saturday while doing my makeup, I realized I couldn't quite get my left eye to focus. I assumed I'd gotten something in it and didn't think much of it, but by the evening when nothing had changed I started to get concerned. Sunday was much the same, and Monday felt a little worse, so I called in to work, made an appointment with my doctor for first thing in the morning, and headed on my way. To be perfectly honest, my doctor blew me off a bit, but she did give me a referral to an ophthalmologist, who thankfully squeezed me in that afternoon. He was FANTASTIC, and diagnosed me with optic nerve swelling. I was relieved that I wasn't crazy and there was actually something wrong until he mentioned the potential for MS or other severe diseases and I realized it could potentially be quite serious. I left with another urgent referral to a neuro-ophthalmologist, who brought me in Tuesday afternoon. After more testing she essentially ruled out MS, but said that I needed an MRI right away to check for tumors and the like. Cue the panicking - this was definitely not something I was expecting from a little blurred vision. She said that the MRI needed to be STAT, and she also wanted me started on a hefty dose of steroids, which needed to be given through an IV... so I left (in tears) with instructions to admit myself to the hospital as soon as possible that evening. I changed into sweats at home while Dan got a few essentials together for me, called my dad, and we were on our way. 

Now I have to say this - I've never been hospitalized before so I don't have a whole lot to compare my visit to, but I have spent a great deal of time in hospitals this year with my mom being sick, and I couldn't believe how incredible my experience was. The doctors and nurses were AMAZING, and I couldn't even think of a minor complaint about any of them if I wanted to. They let me keep my own sweats on so I was comfortable, left me alone as much as possible so I could just rest (knowing that I was thankfully not really ill and more just needed monitoring), and were all so nice I felt like I was talking with friends most of the time. I had a room service menu to order meals from, and there was a decently comfortable couch for the hubs to crash on the first night. If I had to spend 2 nights in the hospital, I'm glad I was where I was.

I had an MRI pretty quickly, and we thankfully found out right away Wednesday morning that it was clean, ruling out everything serious that the vision loss could be caused by. This left the doctors with the mystery of still trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with me, but knowing it wasn't something awful definitely brought my spirits up. I had a couple other tests that were also clear, and may still require a spinal tap next week to rule out various infections, but I was thankfully sent on my way home late last night after the final dose of meds finished up.

I was on a near-constant drip of fluids and a major dose of steroids every 6 hours for my entire stay, hence the subject line here - I gained a full 15 pounds in just 48 hours and now feel like an overstuffed sausage... but I'm an overstuffed sausage that's home, resting, and grateful for a clean bill of health. I have 15 days of oral steroids ahead of me so I think the bloating will continue for a few weeks, but my doctor is confident that my vision will come back, so I'm trying to stay positive and trust her expertise with that. I am still technically seeing 20/20 with the exception of the bottom sliver of my left eye, so I know it could be worse and I'm happy that it is not.

Though our Labor Day weekend will not be filled with camping or the lake or BBQs like I prefer it to, I'm looking forward to a few days at home to hang out with the Buddy Louie and Dan while I recover and hopefully start feeling a bit more like myself again. I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend - and if you are at the lake, have one for me!