Reading List: December 2014

I dragged the huz to the bookstore with me tonight so I could take pictures for a project my team is working on, and as I walked around touching every single book on the shelf to see what kind of paper it was printed on he commented "Geez Cakes, you've really gotten into books haven't you?"

I kind of laughed. When I responded that I've always loved reading, he elaborated and said that he meant that I've gotten really into how books are made, how they're printed, what they look like as a final package. 

And how perfectly fitting is that? I grew up spending all of my free time holed up in my room reading, and then thanks to a mix of college, happy accidents, a little luck and a few awesome jobs that I seriously busted my butt at, I honed in on my love for paper and print production. And now here I am working as part of a creative team where I literally spend all day talking about just that, and working on designing the very things that shaped me as a child and later as an adult - BOOKS. I spend all day every day surrounded by books that I love, and it's my job to make them into a beautiful final package. Stars, meet alignment. 

So, I thought it was only natural that I start a Reading List roundup in my little blog corner here. And with that, comes the list of what I'm reading this December! Clearly, I have some catching up to do on a whole bunch of the latest big books, but I suppose I'll cut myself some slack seeing as I've spent much of the year reading the books I'm working on. I imagine none of these are new to anyone, but they are all new to my iPad reading list thanks to current promotions, and I can't wait to lose myself in these stories in the coming weeks. 

Have you read any of these titles? I'd love to hear what you thought of them, or what else you're reading lately!