If I had a Million Dollars: Warm Up

I've been swooning over faux fur throws for quite some time now, but decided awhile ago that when I did finally get one, it was going to be AMAZING and huge and super cozy... and therefore probably very expensive. And just as I expected, I've fallen in love with one, and it costs a pretty penny. Or, you know, 19,900 pretty pennies, if you want to be specific about it.

That's right friends. I'm head over heels for a blanket that costs $199 ON SALE. I think I'm almost in a bit of shock at the fact that a measly little piece of material would cost this much, but that doesn't mean I don't still love it.

I've found other faux fur throws that look just as cozy and amazing as the one above, but here's a crucial little tidbit of information I learned recently - a throw rings in at 50x60" on average, which isn't even long enough for a shorty like me to tuck her feet under and still pull up to her chin. A blanket, on the other hand, like the one I'm in love with, is much larger - 96x80" on this one - which not only means I could practically drown in it, but also means that, say, a husband or a puppy would also fit perfectly underneath for some cuddle action when it's chilly out. I'll go ahead and call this one perfection minus the price tag.

Happy Monday! Stay warm.