Today marks 6 years since the first official date Dan and I went on. For the last several years, we've celebrated today as our anniversary. This year, I'm excited that we have a new anniversary to celebrate coming up in September (can't believe we've been married for almost a year already!), so we're not planning anything for our date-iversary anymore. Regardless, here's what I noted on Dan's facebook wall today:

.    .    .
Six years ago today you took me to a casino with your parents for our first official "date". I will never forget scrambling at the mall with Bridget still unshowered from HRT and trying to find something to wear, and getting back to my car to find a note from you saying what time you would pick me up. I will never forget your dad giving me a $20 for my first pull on a slot machine. I will never forget watching Elf later that night. And I will never forget how absolutely lucky and grateful I am that you waited 9 months for me to actually say "yes" to that first date. 
.    .    .

Cakes - I love you more than I can ever explain. Thanks for being my better half.