Come on in

I'm not sure what happened - maybe it was the gorgeous almost-50-degree weather, or my latest obsession with de-cluttering my life (and therefore my home), or the fact that it was a Sunday afternoon and I had nothing but time to myself - but I went on a bit of a cleaning spree yesterday and finally tackled the front porch and entryway.

How fitting, then, that today's Everygirl feature is on styling an entryway! (And I promise I didn't know that ahead of time). There are three completely different looks shown, but all three share similar compositions -

A few things that quickly jumped out at me with this feature -
1. In "shopping" for our next home, I will make it a point to check outlet placement. We have very few in our current house, which means no lamps in the entryway, no plugs on my side of our office, no outlets on the bed side of our room for lamps on the nightstands... it's a bummer!
2. A mirror can really make a space. I've already embraced this in our house to some extent, but I think it's time to add one to our entryway.
3. Some concealed storage is key! Prior to my reorganizing frenzy yesterday, we had a mug stuffed with pens and a mail tray stuffed with clutter sitting on our entryway table. Now, we have a small wooden box that holds a few pens, a phone charger, and a flashlight for easy access, and an awesome little vintage mail holder that I found at Goodwill for $3. It's amazing how much nicer the whole space looks just because the pens aren't sitting out. I also put random things like our dustbuster, humidifier filters and a couple extra umbrellas in a lidded basket that is the perfect hiding space for important items that aren't so pretty. PERFECT.
4. Plant life = necessary. I can't wait for the Farmer's Market to start up again so I can have more fresh flowers in our home!

A couple of my other favorite entryway inspiration shots come from Jenny at Little Green Notebook, who is the main reason I've embraced so much color in my home. 

Again, the same sorts of things are key here - concealed storage, a source of light, fresh flowers, a mirror. And my goodness is that teal dresser INSANE. I am in love.

I'm looking forward to perfecting our space in the near future using all of the above for further inspiration. Anyone else now planning an entryway makeover thanks to The Everygirl?

Top three photos from The Everygirl. Bottom two from Little Green Notebook.