Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blog world! Up there is basically my world in 5 photos.

I'm a creative professional with a love for DIY projects, reading, the awesome and ever-growing blogosphere, weddings, cereal, and spray paint. I get a kick out of figuring out the most budget-friendly way to dress, create, decorate and plan. I love tweaking things big and little around our house, which I share with my incredible husband (Dan - he's the "Cakes"), energetic dog (that'd be Louie), and our new-ish little munchkin, Adeline. I have made a promise to my boss that I won't ever leave my job unless I manage to find a barn in the suburbs of Chicago that I can turn into a wedding venue, which is code for "I like to daydream about becoming an event planner." I'm also a writer, graphic designer, typography fanatic, social media lover and wannabe foodie.

I'm always looking for new opportunities!

I've worked for a worldwide non-profit, a boutique marketing firm, the greatest mid-sized advertising agency in Chicago and a rapidly growing publishing company... so my experience is a bit varied, but consistently rooted in creativity - the driving factor for who I am both professionally and personally! As a team member, I demonstrate a proven capability to manage multiple accounts and projects in a fast-paced environment under tight production deadlines, while maintaining budget and unwavering quality control. I'm a personable, encouraging team and project manager in constant search of inspiration.

Please visit me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email for inquiries and more details. Thanks! 

       Editorial Assistant, 2012       visit site for contributions

       Editorial Assistant, 2012
      visit site for contributions

                                           Blog Trends Featured Blogger, 2013                                                         visit site for writeup

                                           Blog Trends Featured Blogger, 2013
                                                        visit site for writeup

photos by Samantha Elizabeth Photography (top left, middle right), S.D. Wyatt Photography (top and bottom right), and Studio 6.23 (bottom left)